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February: The activities included in Tradiciones de España: El Cipotegato, our latest icebreaker to teach the stem-changing verbs: e⇒i, and how to make arrangements to meet friends.

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El día de San Valentín

Posted by Alvaro

Many people in Spain call it “El Día de El Corte Inglés”, because they think “el día de San Valentín” is just a commercial festivity (“El Corte Inglés” is the main Spanish department store). But there are also many people who consider it a special day, and they celebrate it showing their love and friendship. Although it isn’t a very important day in our country, we wanted to do an icebreaker about this topic because it’s a great opportunity to learn or review vocabulary related to love and relationships, and also it’s easy to connect it to the present perfect tense. The result is El día de San Valentín, a 6-minute story about three friends and the importance that 14 February has in their lives.

The activities that accompany the video also include an explanation of the Colombian “día del Amor y la Amistad”, a similar celebration that takes places every 18 September.

We also have another video related to friendship: “Mi mejor amiga” that might be a better option for beginner levels (Spanish I / II), since the plot is easier and the grammar just focuses on the indirect object pronouns.

If your students are low beginners, you can still have a great special day with Amor a primera vista, a fun contest in which two young boys compete to go on a date with an attractive girl from Caracas. The objectives of this icebreaker are:

  • Grammar: subject pronouns and the verb ser.
  • Vocabulary: personality adjectives.
  • Communication skills: how to introduce themselves.

You can purchase and preview these videos in low resolution in the icebreaker section of our website.

Esperamos que tengan un buen día de San Valentín.

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