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May: The activities included in Compañeros de clase, our latest icebreaker to teach hay, un / una, muchos, plural forms of nouns and how to describe a classroom.

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Describing classrooms and classmates.

Posted by Alvaro

Your students will love Victor’s afterschool English class: his four classmates are friendly and fun, but his teacher, Mariel, is really old-school and super strict. In Compañeros de clase your students will take a look at Victor’s academy to learn how to describe a classroom, and to review how to describe people.
This video and its activities follow these objectives:

  • Grammar: hay, muchos/as, un / una and plural nouns.
  • Vocabulary: Classroom objetcs.
  • Communication skills: how to describe a classroom.

The activities included in the package will get your students ready so they don’t miss any details of this exciting 4-minute video, which includes optional subtitles in Spanish.

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