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January: Samples of the activities included in Lanzarote II: Las Montañas del Fuego, our latest icebreaker to practice the irregular past participle of common verbs.

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Bablingua Campus: online access to all our videos for teachers and students

Posted by Alvaro under: News

UPDATE: We’ve created a trial version of our Campus with 10 of our videos, so you can watch them for free and check the quality of our audiovisual resources. Just click here and enter bablingua in the password field.

One of our main goals when we started Bablingua was to offer reliable materials that wouldn’t give teachers any headaches when trying to use technology in the classroom. That’s why our resources must be downloaded: we think this is the best way to guarantee that our videos and activities will work when you want to show them in the classroom, regardless of the Internet connection. Although we haven’t changed our minds, we realize that many things have changed since Bablingua began such as the use of tablets, cellphones and the improvement and widespread of the Internet. We have therefore decided to offer online access for our School account users to all our videos through the Bablingua Campus.

Students who struggled to understand the videos in class will now have the possibility to watch them at home and in their own devices, and it’ll be a lot easier for teachers to show them in computer labs and school tablets, as well as using them as an option for homework.

All our videos are available in the Campus in alphabetical order, most of them with optional subtitles (S), and they’re easy to find through the search button.

If you’d like to have access to our online videos, please contact us to get more information about how to open a school account.

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