Bullfighting: in favor or against?

Posted by Alvaro

“Los toros: ¿a favor o en contra?” is our first video about one of the most famous Spanish traditions: bullfighting. Our goal is not to talk about what happens in the “plaza,” but about what happens outside. How many people actually follow bullfights and why do they like them? What’s their profile? And why are some people and associations trying to ban bullfighting, sometimes successfully like in Catalunya (Spain) or Sonora (Mexico)?

When we wrote, filmed and edited the video we tried not to take any side, but we were really interested in giving some objective facts so your students understand that bullfighting is not a national event. Only a minority of our society like it, most people are against it; but, on the other hand, more than half of the Spanish population does not want to ban bullfighting.

We also wanted to hear the reasons of those who are in favor and against, hoping that the debate will continue in your classes. Your students will learn useful vocabulary such as arte, dolor, maltrato animal, muerte, prohibir, toro bravo and tradición, and interesting ideas to support their opinions.

We’d like to make clear that this video is appropriate for all audiences since there are no images of the bull being hurt in any way. As far as the grammar and vocabulary, there are many testimonies that will be difficult to understand, so we think this video will work better in advanced groups, although the optional subtitles and the activities included in the icebreaker might let pre-intermediate students understand its gist. Please remember that you can preview the video in low resolution in the icebreaker section.

Finally, we hope this video contributes to break some stereotypes, and also that it is the starting point of a great debate in the Spanish class.

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