What happens during a bullfight?

Posted by Alvaro

Our first video about bullfighting -Los toros: ¿a favor o en contra?- focused on what happens outside the plaza: we interviewed people and associations that are in favor or against bullfighting, and we also presented objective data so your students know what the Spanish people think about this topic.

In “Los toros II: los personajes” we talk about what goes on in the plaza, and we introduce the different actors that take part in a bullfight, as well as the objects they use. Your students will learn words such as torero, banderillero, picador, capote, estoque or muleta.

It is very important that you preview the whole video before ordering it in order to decide whether it is appropriate for your students. This is a controversial topic and we’d like you to understand that our videos are used by teachers of different age groups, and also in different areas of the world. In this video, there are images of the bull at different stages of the bullfight, please watch them carefully to make sure your students will not consider them upsetting. In our opinion, many tourists make the mistake of buying tickets to see a bullfight without having a clear idea of what they’re about to see. Bullfights are not for everybody, and we think with videos like this one students can watch in a safe environment what goes on in the plaza, and decide whether it’s an event they’d like to see live.

Apart from the controversy, we believe that this is an important topic because there are many Spanish expressions that come from bullfighting. In the activities included in the icebreaker we cover some of them, such as the use of the verb “torear” outside the plaza, and expressions like “hasta la bandera”, “no hay quinto malo” or “echar un capote.”

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