Don’t miss the chance to dance a tango!

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The two main objectives of our Cultural corner are that your students are exposed to different accents, and that they learn some relevant cultural issues about the different Spanish speaking countries. If there’s a way to somehow reproduce those cultural elements in the classroom, as we did with the altars of the Day of the Dead, even better. This is the idea behind Aprende a bailar tango, our new video and activities about Argentina and its famous dance.

I guess it’s ironic that me -a terrible dancer and a person with no sense of rhythm- defends the idea of teaching tango to your students, but after visiting the dancing school where we filmed the video, I honestly believe that your class will have no problem following the 8 steps of the basic move.

Aprende a bailar tango is not only a tango class. As far as the grammar, it’s the perfect ending of the Ser y Estar a Ritmo de Tango series: it includes some additional activities to practice the difference between these two verbs, and it focuses on some common expressions with the verb estar: estar a punto deestar conforme, estar de acuerdo, estar de pie, estar de vacaciones, estar en condiciones, estar en forma, estar en las nubes and estar molido.

Your students will also learn/review some basic vocabulary about body parts -espalda, hombro, mano, pie- and other words to follow the steps: adelante, atrás, derecha, izquierda, junto, etc.

Aprende a bailar tango is appropriate for all levels since it includes optional subtitles in Spanish, but we highly recommend it for classes that have just covered the differences between ser and estar. Your students will learn the most important facts about this dance, and they’ll enjoy a different class with a great ending: dancing tango in pairs! You’ll find lots of videos in Youtube with music for that activity, just look for Francisco Canaro or Carlos Gardel.

You can order and preview the video in low resolution in the Cultural corner section.

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