El Luchador subjuntivo 1: ¿Qué es el subjuntivo?

Posted by Alvaro

The first episode of our series about the subjunctive is an introduction to this mode, its main difficulties and also some good news. The goal of El luchador subjuntivo is to teach the subjunctive in a fun a clear way so your students get in the best possible mood to learn such an important topic.

In this first episode, your students will meet Keuvwe, a Nigerian young girl struggling with the subjunctive. Her real interviews to native speakers show that this is a complicated topic, hard to put into words. All of the interviewees failed in their attempts to give a clear explanation of what the subjunctive is:

The mission of El luchador subjuntivo is precisely to explain what the subjunctive mood is and, what is more, how essential it is. To prove it, Kevwe asks two questions to several people and we time how long they spend until they use the subjunctive for the first time. The result: just a few seconds. We want students to understand that if they want to speak Spanish well, the subjunctive is a must, there’s no way around it.

At the end of the video, the Luchador subjuntivo will give them some good and bad news. On the one hand, the subjunctive is used in lots of cases, and it’ll take a while to cover them all. On the other, the conjugation is quite simple –the activities included in this episode explain the conjugation of regular verbs in the present tense, with exercises to practice- and the subjunctive is so common that they’ll see tons of examples. And what is more, El luchador is on their side.

You can preview and order El luchador subjuntivo from our icebreaker section.

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