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Posted by Alvaro

One of our main objectives when we started Bablingua in 2007 was to promote cultural awareness in the classroom, especially about the different Spanish speaking countries. Among them, Cuba really is a unique place, a country that looks like no other, and we’re very glad we can offer your classes the possibility to see the beautiful city of Havana.

This 7-minute video focuses on Havana’s means of transport: the classic American cars from the 40s and 50s, the cocotaxi, bicitaxi buses and taxis. The video will also show your students many streets of different parts of Havana, and the life in this city on a regular day. 

As far as the language, apart from vocabulary about cities and transport, the activities included in Recorriendo La Habana cover the use of relative pronouns (que and quien) and a clear explanation of what relative clauses are.

Recorriendo La Habana has optional subtitles in Spanish, like all our latest videos, and can be previewed and ordered from the icebreaker section. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel with your students around one of the most famous cities of the Hispanic world!

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