An exciting contest to learn how to say the date

Posted by Alvaro

¿Qué día es? is an engaging way to explain or review how to say the date in Spanish, away from boring vocabulary lists and not very exciting drills. Your students will have fun watching a contest in which people from Spain answer questions about important celebrations, such as El día de la Raza, La Tomatina, San Fermín or San Valentín.

The vocabulary covered in this lesson includes the days of the week, the months, the seasons, the numbers and other useful expressions to say the date such as ayer, hoy, mañana, primer(o) , segundo, tercer(o) , último, etc.
The activities that will help your students get the most of the video are very varied: there’s a pair work exercise, an audio file, a crossword and cloze activities.

¿Qué día es? has optional subtitles in Spanish, like all our latest videos, and can be previewed and ordered from the icebreaker section.
You can also use this video to make a calendar for the classroom with Hispanic celebrations and birthdays of Spanish speaking celebrities.
This icebreaker opens the door to an exciting and meaningful way to teach the date: have fun with it!!

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