A class is always better with “churros”

Posted by Alvaro

According to several studies –and our own experience- Spain is not a country that can be proud of the kind of breakfast its citizens usually have. In fact, 16% of our population eats breakfast in 5 minutes or less, and only one in five people spends more than 15 minutes on the first meal of the day. However, our breakfast menu has something tasty and delicious that has seduced the world: our churros.

In Desayuno con churros we interview a churrero to learn the most basic facts about churros: when people eat them and how many they order, how much they cost and what their ingredients are.

This icebreaker also focuses in breakfast vocabulary in general, with keywords such as café, cereal, chocolate, bollo, fruta, leche, galletas, mantequilla, mermelada, miel, queso, , tostadas and yogur, and the use of expressions that indicate frequency: siempre, casi siempre, normalmente, de vez en cuando, a veces, casi nunca and nunca.

It also explains the meaning and give examples of a couple of coloquial expressions we use everyday here in Spain that contain the word churro: “¡Vaya churro!”, when something is not done properly; and “hacer algo como churros”, when somebody does something easily, without much effort.

The activities included in the package contain a domino game to practice the vocabulary, and the video features optional subtitles in Spanish.

Desayuno con churros is the perfect icebreaker to have a special class when teaching a unit about breakfast. Just follow our advice: this is a mouth-watering video, so make sure there’s food in the class that day!

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