Body parts and the preposition “de” to indicate possession

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“Gente perfecta” has everything you need to explain or review body parts and the use of the preposition “de” to indicate possession from a different –and fun- point of view. The 6-minute video and the activities of the PDF document will give your students several examples of how to combine this vocabulary and grammar structure to build their own projects.

In the video, which clearly uses a humoristic approach, several people describe their idea of a perfect woman, using sentences such as “La mujer perfecta tiene el cuerpo de Sofía Vergara”. The young Spanish journalist who interviews them also gives her description of her ideal man (i.e. “El hombre perfecto tiene la nariz del actor portorriqueño Carlos Ponce”).

Once your students see these examples -and the one included in the PDF document with the activities, about the perfect superhero (“El superhéroe perfecto tiene las manos de Spiderman”)- they’ll be able to present their own projects about the topic of their choice. This is our example: “the perfect basketball player”:

Depending on the fluency of your students, they could give more information about the people they’ve chosen. We could say, for instance, that the perfect basketball player has Wilt Chamberlain’s arms because they’re long and very strong (“El jugador de baloncesto perfecto tiene los brazos de Wilt Chamberlain porque son largos y muy fuertes”).

We insisted everybody who participated in the video to speak clearly and slowly, and we’ve also added optional Spanish subtitles to guarantee that you have an original and successful class with your Spanish I / A1 / beginner students when covering these topics.

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