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Posted by Alvaro

Listening comprehension is a key skill for language learners: it’s harder than reading because in real-life situations we can’t use the dictionary (or not as often as when dealing with text), and it’s directly connected to speaking. When we understand the people we’re talking to, we relax, and that leads to a remarkable improvement in our ability to utter our thoughts.

As an English language learner, nothing has made me feel more satisfied than being able to understand others. Having the importance of this skill in our minds, we’ve designed “Escucha: hay un ladrón en mi clase”, an ebook aimed at improving the listening comprehension of beginner level students.

“Escucha: hay un ladrón en mi clase” is the story of two young students, Daniel (from Venezuela) and Stefanía (Ecuador), who try to recover the laptop that has been stolen from their classroom. Your students will follow their adventures in this 48-page ebook that includes 30 listening activities (the total audio length is 48 minutes) and the answer key. The 10 episodes of the book are organized following this structure:

  • Some pre-listening activities to create background and to review the target grammar and vocabulary of the episode.
  • A picture-based exercise: your students will have to listen and do several tasks connected to the image they see. Those tasks include spotting differences, adding elements, placing objects in the right spot, matching objects/people and finding the right order of a story.

  • A second listening activity in which your students will read the transcript of the story. It will help them review what they have learnt and improve their pronunciation. They will also have to answer questions about the story, correct errors, fill the blanks and conjugate verbs.

The ebook is easy to photocopy for your students, and it includes clear instructions and a table of contents that covers all the main topics of the Spanish I/ A1 syllabus:

Please contact us if you’d like to receive a free sample of one of the episodes of “Escucha: hay un ladrón en mi clase”.

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mary bolton said on Fri, June 21, 2013

I am interested in a free sample of one of the episodes of Escucha Hay un ladrón en mi casa

abattershill said on Tue, August 27, 2013

Hi there! I have bought many resources from Bablingua and love them all! I am very interested in getting ‘Hay un ladron en mi casa’ and would love to see a sample of one of the episodes to make sure it is not too difficult for my students. Thanks!!

Alvaro said on Wed, August 28, 2013

Hola Alex,

I’ve just sent you the samples by email, I hope you like them!

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