Dip confusing verbs in salsa

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¿Sabes bailar salsa?” is a 3-episode series that will let your students learn or review the differences between the verbs saber-conocer and pedir-preguntar in a fun and meaningful way. It’ll be fun because of the plot of the story: Dave, a young boy from Ecuador, has a date with the girl of his dreams, but they’ll go to dance salsa, and he doesn’t know how to dance. And it’ll be meaningful because your students will see lots of examples about how to use these verbs in context, not in the kind of isolated sentences traditional drills offer.

The series has the following structure:

  • Episode 1: ¡Pero si yo no sé bailar salsa!. This first episode covers the main uses of saber and conocer, providing lots of examples about the differences between these two verbs.
  • Episode 2: Tengo que pedir ayuda. Uses of pedir and preguntar, and additional examples of saber vs. conocer.You can watch the whole episode in the trial version of our Campus. Just click here and enter bablingua in the password field.
  • Episodio 3: Conozco a la mejor professor. A further explanation about the difference between saber and conocer, and a general review about the uses of these four verbs.

As far as the vocabulary, these are the most common words your students will hear in the videos and audio files:

Each episode includes a PDF document with activities and an audio file. The activities are organized following this structure:

  • An introduction exercise, to present the series (Episode 1) or review what your students have already learnt (Episodes 2 and 3).
  • Some background building activities that cover the main grammar and vocabulary, and will prepare your students to understand the video.
  • Several exercises to do while watching the video.
  • A review activity.

The three videos (which feature optional subtitles in Spanish), the audio files and the PDF documents with the activities, transcripts and answer key are available in the icebreaker section of this site.

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