Household chores: a problem no to be ignored

Posted by Alvaro

We read a shocking article in the newspaper about how household chores affect Spanish couples and we decided immediately to make an icebreaker about this topic. Why do more than half of the Spanish couples argue about this issue? What are the most hated household chores? We went to the Retiro Park in Madrid to ask these questions to different couples, and the result is Las tareas domesticas, a 10-minute fun video you can preview and order from the icebreaker section.

The video and the activities focus on the household chores vocabulary; taking into account the different names they receive in different countries (we interviewed people from Argentina and Panama, as well as Spain, and we were really lucky to have a wonderful young Dominican journalist to ask the questions). As far as the grammar, this topic is a great opportunity to cover the verbs with different “yo” form (hacer, poner, recoger, saber, salir, traer and ver) and you can also review the e>ie verbs (fregar, tender).

The video offers optional subtitles in Spanish, and the activities include two audio activities and four bingo games:

Household chores are a great topic to cover in the Spanish class. This is our contribution to reduce the number of couples that argue because of them, we hope your students get the message!

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