FlippedSpanish is an online platform for students with engaging videos and interactive activities:


→ Students will have control over the videos, so they decide which parts they need to watch again and how many times.


→ Allows students to work with the videos everywhere and on any device.


→ Teachers will have more time in class to do communicative activities.


→ The interactive activities engage students and help them get the most from each lesson.


1 Easy to set up: schools subscribed to any of our plans will get a username and password for each teacher. Teachers will share those login details with their classes.


2 All the lessons in Bablingua have a FlippedSpanish tab with the links and the instructions teachers need for their students.


3 Students can watch the full video or an interactive one. The interactive videos prevent skipping and require that students answer all the questions correctly.

The goal of the interactive video is not to evaluate students but to help them prepare a communicative activity (which they’ll see at the end of the video) for class. Teachers can see the instructions of such activity in the FlippedSpanish tab of that lesson, in Bablingua.


Teachers decide how to use FlippedSpanish: to reinforce what they’ve covered in class or to get students ready for a new topic. In both cases, FlippedSpanish will help students improve their Spanish and have classes based on communication.

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