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3 ways to find the materials you need:

We know.

A whole planning period wasted looking for a video for your Spanish class.
You may not even find it.
Or it isn't exactly what you wanted to show your students.

But even if you succeed... Was it worth the time and the frustration?
I mean, you still have to get ready for the class, the video is just a tiny part.
And there are papers to grade.
Parents to call.

Great materials are... great.
But only if they are easy to find.

That's why we organize our catalog by levels:
Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3&up and AP Spanish.
Let's say you're teaching beginners and you're looking for resources for your classes.
Just go to the Spanish 1 section and browse by topic or grammar.

But how about concepts that do not clearly belong to a specific level?
Will I find the imperfect tense in Spanish 2 or Spanish 3&up?
No worries.
Use the search function and type any Spanish word(s) to see what we have about that topic, regardless of the level.

This is all good.
It really helps save time.
But how about people that are more visual?
Is there a way to take a look at the whole catalog in just one shot?
There is.
We have a PDF catalog that you can check online, or print.
Organized by can-do statements, grammar and vocabulary.
With links to go directly to the lesson.
Just one click.
One click and you're there: a full lesson with an engaging video, and activities to get the most from it.

Think about it.
One click versus browsing the Internet for endless minutes.
Will our catalog help you save time?

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