An inspiring 1-hour workshop with Álvaro Mediavilla

Álvaro Mediavilla - Bablingua's CEO

There's a Hispanic community around you.

Engaging projects to interact with the Hispanic community will give you ideas and resources so your students can interact with them.

The result is easy to guess: more engagement and meaningful learning!


As an instructional designer, I've made thousands of worksheets and activities, and I feel very proud of them.

But I'm also a Middle and High School Spanish teacher, and I know most students don't get thrilled by worksheets, no matter how good they are.
Projects without a clear valuable outcome are no much better.
That doesn't mean they're useless.
It means they play a role: to give students the chance to practice and get better.
Practice for what?
Practice to communicate effectively in the target language with native speakers.
That's our final goal, and we must give students the opportunity to give it a try.
There's a Hispanic community around you, no matter where you are.
In this 1-hour workshop, I'll share with you projects I've done, I am doing and I'm planning to do to interact with the local Hispanic community.
I'm not talking about taking our kids on a field trip to a Mexican restaurant.
That's a cool activity, but you don't need a workshop to plan that.

What I mean is innovative and super engaging projects you can do without being worried about budget restrictions, increasing your workload or putting your students' privacy at risk.
Join me in this workshop and take your Spanish classes to the next level!

Álvaro Mediavilla is Bablingua's CEO, an instructional designer, author and Middle and High School Spanish teacher


Engaging projects to interact with the Hispanic community is a 1-hour workshop, available for individual teachers as well as districts and schools, in English or Spanish.

Individual teachers can register here.

School and districts can fill out this form to check our availability and get a quote:

    Online (videoconference)

    In-person training

    Engaging projects to interact with the Hispanic community is much more than a regular workshop.
    This is what attendees will get:

    • 2 exclusive lessons (video + warm-up + activities) your students can use to interact with your local Hispanic community .

    • Access to a Bablingua lesson, and an explanation of how to use it to interact with your local Hispanic community.
    • Real examples of projects used by Álvaro and Laura: what they were about, and the impact they had.
    • Inspiring ideas so you can develop new projects with similar objectives.
    • An example of how to transform an activity so students get involved in real communication with native speakers .