Engaging projects to interact with the Hispanic community


DATE: 18 September 2023
TIME: 4:00pm (Eastern) | 3:00pm (Central) | 2:00pm (Mountain) | 1:00pm (Pacific) | 10:00pm (Spain)

A 1-hour exciting online workshop led by Álvaro Mediavilla and delivered via Google Meet.
All attendees will get ideas and resources so their students can successfully interact with their local Hispanic community.

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The workshop includes:
  • 2 exclusive lessons (video + warm-up + activities) students can use to interact with their local Hispanic community.
  • Access to a Bablingua lesson, and an explanation of how to use it to interact with the local Hispanic community.
  • Real examples of projects used by Álvaro and Laura: what they were about, and the impact they had.
  • Inspiring ideas so teachers can develop new projects with similar objectives.
  • An example of how to transform an activity so students get involved in real communication with native speakers.


  • The virtual workshop will be delivered via Google Meet
  • Each attendee will receive an email with the information to join the Google Meet session.
  • There will be no refunds after the purchase: teachers who cannot attend the workshop will get access to the resources and a link to the recorded session.