Annual Plan


This is our standard plan for schools and universities that want all their teachers and students to have full access to our catalog.




  • 1 account per teacher of the same school.
  • 1 account for each teacher's students to access FlippedSpanish (same login credentials for all of them, managed by their teacher).
  • Full access to all the current and new resources for 1 year.
  • Videos in streaming.
  • Optional free training videoconference to help you get the most from the subscription.
  • Annual renewal fee: $199 per school.
  • No automatic renewal (schools will be contacted before the subscription ends).
  • Super quick customer support, 365 days a year.


  • Your Bablingua account will be ready as soon as you subscribe.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email asking you for the names and email addresses of all the school teachers who would like to access the materials.
  • We'll register and email each teacher their credentials to Bablingua, and we'll help them sign up in FlippedSpanish.
  • We'll invite you to a training videoconference if you need extra help to get the most from your subscription.