Alta tensión

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Objective: introduce or review topicsRequired materials: smartboardPreparation: minimal (or none if you use the examples provided below)Time: at least 20 minutesNumber of students: anyResources: Spanish-speaking countries: PDF – Google slide St. Patrick’s Day: PDF – Google slide Cinco de Mayo: PDF | Google slide How to play: This game is an adaptation of the TV show Wipeout. In the Spanish … Read More

Una mentira

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Objective: review tenses or vocabularyRequired materials: nonePreparation: noneTime: at least 10 minutesNumber of students: noneDirections: Three trues and a lie is a popular activity that I like to use to review and practice what students learnt in previous classes. It could be a certain tense (pretérito indefinido) or vocabulary (familia).If you’d like the activity to last longer, start by organizing … Read More

Repaso general de vocabulario

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Objective: quick review of previously learnt vocabularyRequired materials: nonePreparation: noneTime: 10-20 minutesNumber of students: anyDirections: We sometimes cover topics that students have previously seen, such as food or clothes, and we need to review what they know before introducing more advanced words.I tell the class the topic we’re going to cover, and I give them an example of a word … Read More