No lo digas (Taboo)

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Objective: find strategies to explain wordsRequired materials: cards and virtual board (see resources below)Preparation: none (once you print and cut the cards)Time: at least 30 minutesNumber of students: at least 4Resources: You can use this virtual board to keep score and time. Use this template to create your own set of cards or join Bablingua to download our more than … Read More

¿Cuál es diferente?

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several Star Wars characters, students need to find the one that doesn't belong to the group

Objective: engaging vocabulary review that encourages conversationRequired materials: at least 4 images (see an example)Preparation: minimal or noneTime: at least 10 minutesNumber of students: anyDirections: This is a very popular activity for the Spanish class that we can use in different ways. I like it to review vocabulary and to spark conversations about topics my students love.When the main goal … Read More

Repaso general de vocabulario

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Objective: quick review of previously learnt vocabularyRequired materials: nonePreparation: noneTime: 10-20 minutesNumber of students: anyDirections: We sometimes cover topics that students have previously seen, such as food or clothes, and we need to review what they know before introducing more advanced words.I tell the class the topic we’re going to cover, and I give them an example of a word … Read More