Fecha, hora y tiempo

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Spanish speaking pair work activity about how to say the date
Two students working together to practice their speaking skills

Hablan2 is a collection of pair work activities for the Spanish class:

Perfect for role playing and improve speaking skills.

Free printable cards that are super-easy to use!

Editable Google slides if you'd like to make any changes.

1 La fecha

Objective: I can say the date and when celebrations happen.
Vocabulary: numbers and months.
Grammar: questions and answers in present simple.

We recommend you use this activity after showing the video and working on the activities of ¿Qué día es? This lesson will give your students examples and everything they need to work well in pairs during this activity.

Print and cut the cards of the worksheet and have students work in pairs (Student A and B). Each of them will practice how to say the date in Spanish for different celebrations.

Follow-up: Once they finish the 4 dates of each card, students will add their birthdays and a celebration in their country (E.g. Navidad es el 25 de diciembre).

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