La salud

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Pair work speaking activity for Spanish students about health and doctors
Two students working together to practice their speaking skills

Hablan2 is a collection of pair work activities for the Spanish class:

Perfect for role playing and improve speaking skills.

Free printable cards that are super-easy to use!

Editable Google slides if you'd like to make any changes.

These pair work activities will help your students talk about their health and role play conversations with a doctor. If you'd like to introduce the vocabulary and expressions first, please take a look at Me duele todo: The video and activities of this lesson will get your students ready for the speaking part. Join Bablingua to access this lesson and our whole catalog!
1 ¿Qué te ocurre?

Objective: I can describe accidents and injuries.
Vocabulary: cortarse, doctor, golpe, herida, hinchado, médico, sangrar.
Grammar: students should be able to use the pretérito indefinido.

Students will have to work together to put a conversation in the right order.

In this role-play, one of the students suffers a small accident and a friend wants to find out what happened. Each card has one set of questions and answers, so students can do two different conversations.

Follow-up: Students can use the two examples of the cards as models to create their own stories.

2 En el doctor

Objective: I can talk to a doctor about my symptoms and understand the solutions.
Vocabulary: caerse, crema, darse un golpe, herida, hinchado, puntos, radiografía, venda.
Grammar: students should be able to use the pretérito indefinido.

A hospital role play divided in two parts:

First, students will match some words and images so they know the vocabulary they can use in their stories.

Then, one student will be the patient and the other will be the doctor. They will follow the instructions to make up a story about an accident, and what the doctor decides to do.

Follow-up: Students can swap their cards once they finish, so they do two conversations. That way they will be both the patient and the doctor.

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