Mes de la historia de la mujer (1 de marzo – 31 de marzo)

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An image of female superhero La Borinqueña

March is Women's History Month, let's celebrate it!
We have many videos and activities to help you spice up this month, and share with your students the achievements of some of the greatest Hispanic women.

1 Mujeres hispanas que hicieron historia (Escape room - Spanish 2 / intermediate)

A virtual escape room that your students will love!
Follow our video tutorial to easily set up the room, and have your students look for the codes they need to escape.
In order to get those codes, they must learn about the life of several remarkable Hispanic women: Sonia Sotomayor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Yalitza Aparicio, Diana Trujillo, Isabel Allende and Rosalía.
The escape room consists on 3 short videos, a reading with questions and a listening comprehension activity.
You can also use the resources individually to talk about these women in class.

A Spanish escape room showing some inspiring Hispanic women
An interactive video about Diana Trujillo with a question about her profession
2 Mujeres pioneras (Lesson - Spanish 3 / advanced)

It wasn't easy for Frida Kahlo to become a successful artist.
Gallery owners didn't take her seriously because she was a woman. Or they just saw Diego River's wife, and not an extremely talented painter.
When Frida first tried to exhibit, the art world was owned and dominated by men. Even today we find similar worlds were women are hardly present.
Comics are an example: most superheroes are men, and most writers and illustrators are also men.
La Borinqueña is a female superhero with strong Puerto rican roots.
In this lesson we study these two examples (one real, the other fiction) of women that succeeded in a traditional male field.

A Spanish worksheet about Frida Kahlo
A Spanish activity about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo
3 Ellen Ochoa (Lesson - Advanced)

Students will create a trifold brochure about an inspiring Hispanic woman after studying the examples of Ellen Ochoa and Gabriela Mistral.
This lesson includes two different readings, a video about Ellen Ochoa and a template to help students make their trifold.
A fun and engaging lesson to help students prepare a great project.

4 El personaje misterioso 2 (Spanish I & above)

In this episode of our El personaje misterioso series, students will have to guess who the mysterious person described on a video is.

The 4 candidates are: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Sonia Sotomayor, Gloria Estefan andy Dolores Huerta.

The warm-up activity also introduce many Hispanic women pioneers, and the activities that come with the lesson include a short reading about Celia Cruz.

Students will use the video as a model to create their own personaje misterioso about a Hispanic woman that inspire them, using the provided template.

5 ¿Verdadero o falso? Rosalía (Lesson - Spanish 2 / Intermediate)

Rosalía became one of the greatest Spanish artists of the moment after releasing her album El mal querer.
This lesson tells the story of how she became a singer while explaining how to use indirect and direct object pronouns.
If your students think grammar is boring, add Rosalía to your lesson and change their minds!

A worksheet to teach indirect and direct pronouns in Spanish
An online question about the Spanish indirect and direct pronouns
6 Cuando abres un libro (Lesson - Spanish 3)

No other Hispanic woman sells as many books as Chilean author Isabel Allende.
In this full lesson students will learn who she is and what she's written, as well as vocabulary about the different literary genres.

The goal of the lesson is that students share what happens when they open a book.
Encourage them to share their thoughts on social media using the hashtag #cuandoabresunlibro

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