La palabra más larga

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Objective: meaningful time filler

Required materials: pencil and paper

Preparation: none / little

Time: any

Number of students: any (playing individually or in groups)

How to play:

My mom and I loved playing this game at home while watching the TV show Cifras y letras. She beat me every time, in case you were wondering.

The goal is to come up with the longest word using the 9 letters provided, in our case, by the teacher.

In order to play, decide if you'd like your students to play individually or in groups, and follow these steps:

Write 9 letters on the board (including at least 4 vowels). You can let students pick 4-5 vowels and 4-5 consonants, or you can use flashcards or Scrabble letters to randomly pick them. Watch this short video, from the TV program I used to watch in TeleMadrid, to see an example.

2) Give your students one minute to make the longest word they can. Each letter can be used only once.

3) On the TV show, it was not allowed to conjugate verbs, but I'd definitely allow it in the classroom. In this example, we can form the word volaré (6 letters) with the 9 provided letters (EBARLOATV).

4) Once the time is over, ask students how many letters they have. Start checking their words, make sure everybody knows their meaning, and give them one point per letter if the word is correct. Keep score to make it more fun!

Alternative option:

Instead of trying to make the longest word, you can ask students to make as many words as possible using the letters, in one minute.

Using the letters from the previous example (EBARLOATV) we can make the words Volaré (1), Volar (2), Bar (3), Alto (4), Alta (5), Votar (6), Botar (7), Votaré (8), Botaré (9), Votará (10), Botará (11), Talar (12), Real (13), Rabo (14), Tara (15),  Barato (16), Traba (17), Reto (18), Rota (19), Vela (20), Voltear (21), Aro (22), Orla (23), Atar (24), Vale (25)...

To speed the game up, just give 2 points to the winner in each round, and 1 to the second best.
This is an easy way to review many words in a very short time!

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