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You're a Spanish teacher, but imagine for a moment that you were the band teacher.
So you'd teach your students music and how to play their instruments.
Would that be enough?
Certainly not.

A band teacher knows that there must be a number of recitals in which students show what they've learnt.
They make the school admin and parents happy and proud.
And most important: the students get a clear purpose, so their motivation is much higher than if they were just practicing all year round.

The Spanish class shouldn't be that different.
We teach a language and culture.
We practice in class.
And we need more:

We need to give our students the change to experience a real interaction with their local Hispanic community.
Your school admin and parents will be happy and proud.
And your students' motivation will soar.
That's what Engaging projects to interact with the Hispanic community is all about.

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