Primeras clases del nuevo año

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A screenshot of a Spanish video showing two young students walking together. There's a caption that reads. "Hoy es el primer día de clase después de Navidad"
On the last day before the Christmas break, I saw my colleague Lisa by the copy machine.
There was a big smile on her face.
She proudly told me she had the copies she needed for the first class of the new year.
She was ready.
That means she wouldn’t need to plan during the holiday.
She wouldn’t need to worry about teaching or school.
That’s a feeling we’d like all teachers to have.
So here are the resources you need for that first class in January.
Just pick the one that suits you better!
1 Los Reyes Magos (Spanish 1)

Christmas season might be over on 2 January where you live, but not in the Spanish-speaking countries.
El Día de Reyes (6 January) is a big celebration, and we’d like your students to know it well.
In this short and fun lesson, we explain the main similarities and differences between Santa and The Three Wise Men.

A guess-who Spanish activity. There's a clue that says "Tiene el pelo blanco"
A Spanish reading text about Santa Claus
2 La carta a los Reyes Magos (Spanish 3)

A Spanish kid writes a letter to the Three Wise Men that will make your students laugh.
Use this lesson in class to explain the tradition of los Reyes Magos and have your students write their own letters following a model.

A fun warm-up activity with some true and false Spanish sentences about the Three Wise Men
A kid writes a letter to the Three Wise Men
3 ¿Dígame? Los propósitos de año nuevo (Spanish 1 and up)

I was stunned the first time I used this lesson in my classes.
Many of my students’ main resolution for the new year was to spend less time playing video games.
What are your students goals?
Find it out using these activities and 6-minute video.

4 El primer día de clase (Spanish 1)

The video of this lesson describes what many of your students experience on the first day of school after the Christmas break.
It’s cold and dark when they get up, and they have to go back to school, back to the routine.
A great lesson to talk about that situation and review vocabulary and expressions about school.

A Spanish language activity in which students need to organize a story in the right order
A Spanish video featuring two young students walking together. There's a caption that reads: "Hoy es el primer día de clase después de Navidad"
A Spanish slide showing questions and answers about school
5 Los propósitos de año nuevo de los mexicanos (Warm up - All levels)

Half of the Mexican population wants to eat healthier in the new year.
And 51% would like to spend more time with friends and families.
Those are the third and fourth most common New Year’s resolutions in Mexico.
But what are the top two?
Can you guess them?
Could your students?

Resume your classes after the break with this fun warm-up, and use it as a model so your students explain their new year's resolutions.
You'll find it in the Celebraciones section.

The instructions for a Spanish warm-up activity about New Year's resolutions
A Spanish warm-up activity about what Mexicans want to do in the new year
A screenshot of a slide with the Spanish word: "Soluciones"

Explore those three lessons, make your choice and you’ll have everything you need for your first classes of the year.
You should be smiling as my colleague Lisa was.
Because you’re ready, you don’t need to plan during the holiday or worry about school.
¡Feliz año nuevo!

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