San Valentín

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hearts and gifts

Our priority in the Spanish class has to be to motivate students.
Without motivation, they won't learn much.
Without motivation, they won't continue studying until they master the language.
They'll eventually quit, and begin to forget what they learnt.
Looking for interesting topics is therefore key.
Love and friendship, no matter how old your students are, are great motivating topics.
So let's embrace St. Valentine's Day on 14 February, and use it as an opportunity to bring those topics to our classrooms.
Here are some of our most appropriate resources for this celebration:

1 El Día de San Valentín (Spanish 3 - 2010)

Adrián is in love with Almudena.
But he's too shy to tell her.
He makes a Valentine's car but he decides not to give it to her.
What if she just laughs at him?
On Valentine's Day, he can't find that card that he regrets having made. Where did he put it?
Almudena will find it and then... well, just guess the end. It's a love story!

2 Amor a primera vista (Spanish 1 - 2015)

Two male contestants introduce themselves and answer some questions to be the winners of a dating program.
The winner will go on a date with Yiselis, and they'll have a great date at a local restaurant.
However, none of the contestants will win, Yiselis chooses someone else.
Your students will have fun finding out who in Amor a primera vista.

3 Cansado pero contento (Spanish 1 - 2016)

Víctor doesn't like his class, especially because of his teacher.
But he loves the other students, and Laura, over all of them.
Everything goes more or less well until a new student comes to class.
Her name's Jénifer, she's from Brazil, and now Víctor has a crush on her. What can he do?
Students will review some basic class expressions and how to use the verb estar with this fun story.

4 ¿Sabes bailar salsa? (Spanish 2 - 2014)

Dave is in love with Itahisa.
And she invites him to a salsa party!
The ony problem is that Dave doesn't know how to dance salsa.
He's lucky to find a great salsa instructor, and he works hard to get ready for the party.
In that process, he will not only fall in love with Itaisha, he'll also fall in love with salsa music.
¿Sabes bailar salsa? is a 3-episode series that your intermediate students will truly enjoy.

5 Mi mejor amiga (Spanish 2 - 2009)

St. Valentine's Day is also a day to celebrate friendship.
In Mi mejor amiga, Eduardo explains why Ana is his best friend.
A short and engaging lesson to describe friends using indirect object pronouns.

6 Tarjeta de San Valentín (Any level)

Have your students create and decorate their own St. Valentine's cards using this template: PDF | Google Slide
Juts print a copy for each student, and let them cut and decorate their own cards.
The template includes a list of Valentine's messages they can choose from. They're also great to review words and expressions connected to this celebration.
Once students are done, they'll be ready to share their love with the friend, family member or partner they choose. And all in Spanish!

Spanish St. Valentine's worksheet with the shape of a heart.
Spanish St Valentine's card sample

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