Test de personalidad

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Alone person in white room

Objective: practice and learn useful adjectives

Required materials: none

Preparation: none

Time: about 20 minutes (it depends on how many students share their results)

Number of students: any


Students love personality tests and they'll have fun with this one. They can do it regardless of their level, and they all have the chance to participate.

In a regular classroom, I usually start this activity by calling for 3-4 volunteers. I then write the names of those students on the board, and I explain to the rest of the class that they need to do the activity on a piece of paper. The volunteers are just an example and they don't need to write anything, since the teacher will record their answers.

Then I'll ask those volunteers what their favorite color is. I'll write the answers on the board, under their names, as you can see on the photo. Next, they need to finish the following sentence with two adjectives: "Me gusta el color [verde] porque es...".

Students may struggle with this and need a bit of help. We can tell them we need 2 different adjectives. It could be what that color makes them feel. Once we have a valid answer (tranquilo, relajante, bonito, divertido, natural...) we'll encourage the other volunteers to come up with similar answers for their colors. Each of them needs to provide 2 adjectives and they all have to be different, so we should have 6-8 different adjectives after this first question. Students who didn't volunteer can use adjectives from the board, or add new ones, to write two adjectives below their favorite color.

We have to do the same with their favorite animal: first, we ask them what it is, then they need 2 adjectives to describe them.

After the animal and the color, we continue with their favorite holiday destination. They can choose a specific place (Punta Cana) or a general one (La montaña). They need to describe that place with two more new adjectives.

Finally, we have to tell them to imagine they somehow open their eyes and everything is white around them. I use The Matrix training room as an example, for those who've seen the movie. The question is: how would they feel in that situation?

When each volunteer gives 2 adjectives for each of those 4 sections, we should have 24-32 adjectives on the board. If that sounds like too many for your students, choose just 1 or 2 volunteers.

Then, we'll tell students they've just done a personality test, and you're going to give them the results:

  • Color: it represents how they see themselves.
  • Animal: it represents how the rest of the class see them.
  • Holiday destination: it's how they see life.
  • All white: it's how they feel about death. If that sounds inappropriate for your students, change death for another negative thing, like exams.
Alone person in white room
Follow-up activities:

Encourage students to share their answers and express their opinions about how accurate the test is. Have fun with it and make sure they understand and practice those adjectives!

In our example (see pictures above), we'll explain Audrey's test as follows: Audrey piensa que ella es una chica tranquila y natural. Para sus compañeros, ella es limpia y elegante. Para Audrey la vida es feliz y relajante. Los exámenes, sin embargo, le parecen solitarios y tristes. ¡Está claro que a Audrey no le gustan los exámenes!

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