¡Buena suerte!

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Objective: increase fluency and vocabulary review

Required materials: at least 4 printed photos (see an example)

Preparation: minimal

Time: at least 15 minutes

Number of students: 8 or more


In this fun activity, some students will describe several photos to the whole class. The catch is that one of them won't get an image, just a card that says "¡Buena suerte!". The lucky student will have to make something up and try to trick everybody. The class will vote to guess who didn't get a picture.

In this example (Google Slides - PDF), we want students to practice how to describe a room of the house. We can use the second page to have a model, asking for volunteers to contribute to describe the photo with as much detail as possible.

Once we have an example, we can divide the class in groups to make it more fun, although we can also play with the whole class.

Each group will chose a person to describe a photo. It is important that we cover the photos when we give them to the students. We also need to emphasise that all the pictures show a place in a house and at least a person, so whoever gets the card with "Buena suerte" should make something up following that line.

It is also important that students don't ask the teacher any questions, they must describe the picture in the best possible way without help.

Once a person is done, students can ask questions to check if he or she is lying. When there aren't any more questions, the student goes back to the group and another student describe a new photo.

When everybody finishes, it'll be time to vote. Each group will say who they think got the "Buena suerte" card. Finally, show the pictures one by one until you reveal who was the lucky student.

Follow-up activities:

There are 9 photos and a Buena suerte card in this document (Google Slides - PDF), so you could easily play twice with 5 groups (4 photos and the Buena suerte card for each game).

Once students are familiar with this activity, they could also play by themselves in groups of about 5. Just make several copies of the photos and the Buena suerte card and give a set to each group. Everybody in the same group will describe a photo, and they will play to guess who was the lucky one.

It's also easy and quick to prepare the activity for any other topic. For extra practice to describe a room using prepositions of place, take a look at our ¿Dónde están las llaves? lesson.

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