Colombia: hábitos de consumo

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A young man places a shopping bag inside his car

We're from Spain but we've been living in the U.S. for a long while.

In many of our daily conversations, we compare the culture of those two countries.

It's not about which one is better because there is not such a thing: it's just a comparison between two cultures that do many things differently.

The way we see it, a cultural comparison is not only something advanced students are required to do, it's a common topic in ordinary conversations.

A topic that will help students learn about other cultures while reflecting on their own.

Much more than a lesson about shopping and clothes

In Colombia: hábitos de consumo your students will read and watch a video about how Colombians shop and which clothes they prefer.

Here's an extract of the 3-minute video included in the lesson:

A full unit with lots of activities

Colombia: Hábitos de consumo includes everything your students need to understand shopping habits in Colombia, and how to compare them to their own culture:

  • A warm-up activity to review clothes, and to talk about what we wear in different occasions.
  • A short reading with questions, and a couple of exercises about how to link sentences using y, o and ni, with the answer key and a detailed guide.
  • An interactive video, as well as a self-grading quiz you can assign to your students.
  • A wrap-up activity to help students apply what they learn through the lesson and compare shopping habits in Colombia with their own culture.
A warm-up activity for Spanish learners to review clothes and choose what they would wear in different occasions
A reading activity about shopping habits in Colombia for Spanish learners
An interactive video for Spanish learners with the question: "¿Cuándo va Cristhian de compras?"

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