El Museo Botero

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Da Vinci's and Botero's versions of Mona Lisa

We are from Spain.
And as you read that, images of the Alhambra, Sagrada Familia or Prado Museum may pop into your head.

We now live in Delaware.
But you know, there are cool things to do and see in Delaware too.
A beautiful Air force museum.
And Dead Poets Society was filmed here!
We'd like our students to tell everybody about these places.
And your students to talk about the places worth visiting in their towns.
That's the goal of this lesson, called El Museo Botero.

Two models: Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio and Botero Museum

Students will have access to two different models that will help them make their own description of a tourist attraction.
The first one is about nature: El Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, in Costa Rica.
The second one, about culture: El Museo Botero, in Bogotá (Colombia).
After working with those two examples, students will be ready to use an organizer to prepare their own work.
They can describe a tourist location of the place where they live.
Or they can research a tourist attraction from a Spanish-speaking country.
Or they can do both 😉

An extract of a reading about Manuel Antonio National Park
A graphic organizer to help Spanish students describe a tourist attraction
Botero and his concept of beauty

One of the topics of the AP Spanish exam is the definition of beauty.
If we wait until students reach the AP classes to introduce this kind of themes, we'll see that we quickly run out of time.
Students should start to discuss technology, the environment or societies in their first years.
The concept of beauty too.

This is not an AP lesson, any intermediate student is ready to follow it and get a lot from it.
And when they get to the AP course, they'll remember that Colombian artist who painted figures with an exaggerated volume.

Some people believe Fernando Botero just paints overweight people.
In the reading and video included in this lesson, we explain the truth behind that style called boterismo.
Students will understand how Botero developed a style with the only goal of showing beauty to his audience.
They will learn that the different perceptions of beauty explain why Botero's Mona Lisa and Da Vinci's don't look the same.
Those students will be on the right path towards AP Spanish classes.

Two versions of the Mona Lisa painting: Da Vinci's and Botero's
An interactive video with a question about Fernando Boter's style

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