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A Halloween Spanish activity called Una historia de miedo
No, Halloween is not a Hispanic celebration. But if you teach in the U.S., or in any country where students are really into the Halloween spirit, this is a great opportunity to have a different class.
A class with ghosts.
And witches.
And zombies.
Take a look at these resources and get ready for a spooky and fun class!
1 Scary warm-up activities and games

Two of our free warm-ups are directly connected to Halloween.
You'll find them in the Celebraciones section.

Tu disfraz de Halloween is a super fun activity that will assign a costume to your students, depending on their birthday and initial.
Laura is Vampiro maloliente.
Álvaro is Payaso valiente.
I told you, it's a fun activity!

Halloween y Día de muertos will help students compare both celebrations. It can inspire a debate about the strengths of each celebration, and what students like about them.

Resuelve el misterio is a fun game for intermediate and advanced students.
We have a Halloween edition with zombies, skeletons, haunted houses and pumpkins.

Venn diagram so students see the differences between Halloween and Día de Muertos
a game to solve a murder asking questions
2 A terrifying lesson

¿Qué está ocurriendo? was filmed during a real zombie parade in Madrid, Spain.
It tells the story of a young journalist that is suddenly surrounded by zombies. She decides to call her cameraman to tell the world zombies are here!
Together, they manage to infiltrate the zombie army and take wonderful shots that make the news.

This is a great lesson for these spooky days, since it combines zombies and humor.
Students will love it!

3 A Halloween story

Students will create their own Halloween short books following the steps of this 9-page activity.
They'll also learn many new words about describing a character (agresivo, nervioso, sucio, etc.) and some Halloween vocabulary (fantasma, bruja, momia, etc.)

A short Halloween book made by Spanish students
A Spanish Halloween word search
A list of positive and negative Spanish adjectives to describe a person

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