Resuelve el misterio

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Objective: practice yes/no questions (speaking) and learn some new words

Required materials: use (the provided document)

Preparation: minimal

Time: at least 15 minutes

Number of students: 4 or more


We learnt this game from Guys with Games ESL and, after trying it in our Spanish classes, we love it! Here is their explanation and example in Youtube.
It is a fun game that can be used to review how to ask yes/no questions, but the best part is that it's very engaging and it'll encourage students to speak in Spanish.

The goal of the game is that students find out the murderer, the victim, the weapon and the place of a mysterious death. Use this document or edit the Google Slide to change the pictures or texts to play.
We also have a Halloween edition: PDF | Google Slide

Start by asking for a volunteer. Invite the student who volunteers to the front of the class. He or she will write in a piece of paper a killer, a victim, a weapon and a place from the options provided.

The rest of the class will ask questions to find out the combination that the student chose and wrote on the paper. Those questions cannot contain any of the words displayed above the icons of the document. An example of a good question is: ¿Es el asesino de color verde?
An example of an invalid question is: ¿Es el asesino un dinosaurio?

Count the number of questions that the students ask. When they solve the mystery, another person will go to the front and choose a different combination. The final winner will be the student whose combination was the hardest to guess (the highest number of questions).

Follow-up activities:

Once students understand how the game works, they'll be able to play by themselves in groups of 4-6.

It'll also be fun to ask them about possible changes, replacing a murderer, victim, weapon or place with anything they decide.

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