La carta a los Reyes Magos

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A Spanish kid writes a letter to the Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men is such an important tradition in the Hispanic world.
It makes the Christmas holiday more than a week longer.
In our country (Spain), students don't go back to school until, at least, 8th January.
That means the Christmas break usually lasts 18 days, and it could be more depending on the day of the week 6th January falls on.
This lesson will help you share this tradition with your students, and it's perfect for the end or the beginning of the year.

End-of-the-year review

Los Reyes Magos have presents for all the kids... That have been good.
According to the tradition, those who misbehaved during the year will get coal.
One way to start a letter to the Three Wise Men is by stating why we deserve to get presents: what were our achievements during the year? What did we do well?


In order to explain that, students will take a look at how to form and use the pretérito perfecto.
They'll see examples such as Este año he sido muy bueno or Este año he sacado muy buenas notas en la escuela.
They'll practice with both regular and irregular verbs, and they'll be ready to make their own sentences.

A short Spanish reading text about what a kid from Peru has done in December
A snapshot from a video showing a kid writing a letter to the Three Wise Men
An activity for Spanish learners about how to use the pretérito perfecto
The tradition of the Three Wise Men

You can easily combine this short lesson with Los Reyes Magos, which focuses on the differences between Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.
La carta a los Reyes Magos also includes a quick game in which students will have to spot 3 lies about the Wise Men.
They'll learn some basic information about this tradition through the game: the King's names, when they arrive, how they travel...

Your students will also watch a fun video about a kid that writes his letter to the Three Wise Men.
They'll us it as a model to write their own, and they'll have the help of a very clear template.

A fun warm-up activity with some true and false Spanish sentences about the Three Wise Men
A Spanish self-grading quiz with questions about the Three Wise Men

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