Martín tiene una idea

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A young student

You know how important it is to be able to improvise.
Why? Because no matter how careful you're with your planning, things will happen.
Things like the Internet is down on the day you had a wonderful online presentation ready for your students.

Bablingua is no different.
We went to Colombia last summer, we filmed a lot, we were working on our first lesson of the 2022/23 year about the Botero Museum in Bogotá and then...

I -Álvaro- am teaching Spanish 1 for the first time in a long while. Total beginners.
I used the Conversación Básica lesson and it was very successful.
I continued with ¿Dígame? El tiempo libre, Monumento, ciudad, país and Amor a primera vista and everything was going smoothly.
But I didn't think my students were ready for ¿Cuántos años tienen?

I needed a shorter and easier lesson to introduce tener and un/una.
Time to improvise.
We put the Botero Museum lesson on hold and came up with Martín tiene una idea in record time.

That doesn't mean the lesson is lacking quality.
I think it's rather the opposite: because we had our goals so clear and we perfectly knew what students needed, the lesson is very solid and useful.

Warm-up, activities and an engaging video

This lesson follows our standard format.
It begins with a warm-up to introduce the vocabulary, the verb tener and the difference between un and una.
The idea is just to expose students to these new words and expressions.
Then they'll work on several activities that will give them the right background to get the most from the video.
There's a short reading about Arón, one of the characters of the video. And activities to practice the difference between un and una.
Then it's time to watch the video.
Its length (4 minutes) and pace are perfect for these first classes of the year.

A warm-up activity featuring several school objects that a student can carry in his/her backpack
The extract of a Spanish text about a student and his classes
The image of a video player showing a young student
Evaluation, interactive video and game

In the activities included in this lesson, there's an exercise to check your students' understanding.
There's also a Google form you can assign them, and you'll get their answers, already graded, in your Google Drive.
And an interactive video in FlippedSpanish to help students answer the questions of the form correctly.

The lesson doesn't end there.
Now it's time for students to practice what they've learnt. There's an Ahora tú activity that will be a model (audio included) for your students to write and/or talk about one of their classes.

Is this the best way to end the lesson?
It could be.
But you'll sure want to review this lesson objectives in the comming days.
That's why we've also included a game, a link to a Blooket we've created just for this lesson.

Now you have everything you need for a wonderful lesson to introduce tener and un/una.
And if something doesn't go as planned...
Bueno, you can always improvise 😉

A interactive video showing a question about a student
A slide to help Spanish students talk or write about one of their classes
Game of blooket about using un and una in Spanish

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