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An extract from a Spanish Christmas video with a young presenter talking about Christmas carols
At the end of November, I explained to my students that Spanish-speaking countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving (Puerto Rico is the only exception).
When we were back from the break they asked me: And Christmas? Do you celebrate Christmas?
Well, if only they knew...
But that's our job, that they know.
And that's why in Bablingua we have so many resources to talk about Christmas with our students.
Regardless of their level, you'll sure find many things to have wonderful lessons before the holiday.
Free warm-up activities

What's your snowman's name?
What are the differences and similarities between Santa and the Three Wise Men?
Use the free warm-up activities you'll find in the Celebraciones folder to begin a great class about Christmas.

A list of Spanish Christmas related words organized in two categories
A document showing two images of fake Santas: a young girl and a man wearing a costume
Christmas lessons - Spanish 1 (beginners)
  • Cuatro tradiciones de Navidad - Andrea, a young girl from Spain, shares with us her four favorite Christmas traditions: Christmas lights, a live nativity scene, the Three Wise Men and Christmas songs.
    Your students will love it!
    There's a great bonus at the end of the video when Andrea sings El burrito sabanero, one of the most famous Hispanic Christmas songs.
  • Los Reyes Magos - What are the differences between Santa Claus and The Three Wise Men? What do they have in common?
    Your students will be able to explain the Hispanic tradition of Los Reyes Magos using an example about Santa as a model.
  • ¡Feliz Navidad! - Our first Christmas video, filmed in Madrid, in 2008. It covers all the Spanish Christmas traditions, from the Spanish Christmas Lottery to the Three Wise Men.
    It also includes a very catchy Christmas song: Arre borriquito.
A screenshot of an interactive Spanish Christmas video with a question about the Christmas lights of Medellín (Colombia)
A Spanish video called 5 diferencias entre Santa Claus y Los Reyes Magos
A Spanish activity about arranging different elements of a Christmas story
Christmas lessons - Spanish 2 (intermediate)
  • Las luces de San Agustín - Luis, a Puerto Rican tourist guide in the city of San Agustín (Florida), explains how the city displays one of the best Christmas illuminations of the world.
    Students will review how to ask questions and they'll learn interesting facts about Florida, one of the states with more Spanish speakers.
  • Tradiciones de España: La Nochevieja Universitaria - University students in Salamanca (Spain) celebrate New Year's eve in mid-December, so they can party with their friends before they go on holiday.
    A fun tradition that includes music and the traditional eating of the 12 grapes.
A Spanish warm-up activity with a photo and several Spanish Christmas words
A screenshot of a video about San Agustin's Christmas lights
Christmas lessons - Spanish 3 & up (advanced)
  • El regalo de Navidad - The perfect follow up to Cuatro tradiciones de Navidad. Andrea, the presenter of that video, is a flight attendant in real life. She had the idea to sing a Christmas song to her passengers and her performance made the news. Andrea answers questions from several students about what happened on that day:

  • Tradiciones de España: Un Belén Viviente - A very happy visit to an awesome live nativity scene in Buitrago del Lozoya (Spain). Students will learn the vocabulary about the main elements and people of a nativity scene.
    At the end of the video, our young presenter sings our favorite Christmas song, Tarantán, in La Plaza Mayor (Madrid).

  • Navidad y deporte - The beautiful Spanish city of Segovia celebrates Christmas with a very interesting bicycle race in which participants cannot pedal.
    It includes an interview with Tour de France winner Pedro Delgado, who also takes part in the race.

  • La carta a los Reyes Magos - A super fun lesson to talk about the good things we did in the last year. The goal is to let the Three Wise Men know we've been really good so we get the presents we asked for, and not coal.
A snapshot from a video showing a kid writing a letter to the Three Wise Men
A fun warm-up activity with some true and false Spanish sentences about the Three Wise Men
A short Spanish reading text about what a kid from Peru has done in December
Christmas worksheets

If you're looking for printable Christmas worksheets, take a look at our Imprimibles... (o no) section.

  • Los Reyes Magos tells the story of the Three Wise Men, and the differences between them and Santa.
  • Las uvas de la suerte explains to your students the story of the most famous Spanish Christmas tradition. It also includes an activity to listen and understand Mecano's song Un año más.
A Spanish printable worksheet about The Three Wise Men
A Spanish text about the Christmas tradition of eating 12 grapes to start the new year
A Spanish printable worksheet about Mecano's song Un año más

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