Un regalo de Navidad

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A screenshot of a TikTok video showing a flight attendant

If you're looking for a different lesson, one that uses authentic and engaging resources, such as a TikTok video and a Spanish newspaper, you're in the right spot.
And it's all thanks to Andrea.
You may already know her. She's the wonderful presenter of our Cuatro tradiciones de Navidad video.
At the end of that video, Andrea sings El burrito sabanero.
Her voice is amazing.

Andrea, and her fantastic voice, made the headlines last Christmas.
Why? That's what your students will find out in El regalo de Navidad.

Authentic sources

The goal of the lesson is that your students have the opportunity to ask questions to Andrea, once they know her story.
She will make a video addressing those questions, and that will be the final video of this lesson.
Will your students be in a Bablingua video? Absolutely, if they and you want.
Just read the conditions at the end of this post.

But first of all, your students need to know why Andrea hit the news.
Her Christmas story was covered by the Spanish national television, as well as many national and international newspapers, both print and digital.
We've chosen an article from La Vanguardia (a Spanish newspaper) to explain what happened, after students try to guess the story in the warm-up.
The activities included in the lesson will help your students understand the short article.

And after the activities... It'll be time to watch and listen to Andrea's Christmas present, in her own TikTok channel.

A Spanish warm-up activity showing a headline from a newspaper and several Spanish words and icons
A Spanish newspaper article from La Vanguardia showing a flight attendant
A different video

Once your students know the story, and they watch what happened in Andrea's flight, encourage them to prepare questions for Andrea.
What kind of questions?
That's their call. Your students are in control of the final video!
Let them come up with any questions they have, and Andrea will make a video to answer them.
That'll be the final video of the lesson, and we'll publish it in Bablingua.
The conditions and procedures are listed below, and please contact us or leave us a comment if we're missing anything.

How to submit your students' questions

1 Deadline: We need to receive the questions before 1 February 2023.

2 Format: You choose the format. We accept questions on any format: video, audio or text.
Apart from the question(s), we'd like to know the student's name and school, as well as where the school is located (country and/or state.)
Please read the privacy policy below and find a format that suits you. We can also display an image of your school/class, or of you, representing your students 😉

3 Submission: You can send us the questions by email. Please notice that teachers must submit the questions, not students. We won't accept questions submitted directly by students.
If you do not know our email address, please contact us.

4 Final video: Depending on the number of questions we receive, we'll have to shortlist them and some questions might not appear on the final video.
The questions that appear on the final video will display the first name of the student and/or school, as well as the country and/or state where the school is located.
Bablingua will own all the rights of the final video, which will be posted on our websites (Bablingua and FlippedSpanish.)

5 Privacy policy: if you'd like your students to appear on the final video, because they submit a video clip with their question(s), you must get permission from their parents or legal guardians if they're underage.
We can provide a template to get that permission.

6 Large files: if you decide to send us a video or audio file, and its size is too large to be emailed, we recommend you use Wetransfer

We look forward to receiving your students' questions and we're sure they'll love to be part of this project!

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