Una familia con encanto

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A video showing a Colombian actress and Mirabel Madrigal

Tell beginner students that Bruno es el tío de Mirabel.
Even if they don't know the word tío, it'll be fairly easy for them to guess what it means.
Chances are most of them have seen Encanto, and they may know the Madrigal family tree pretty well.
We wanted to take advantage of that background knowledge, and make a lesson about that family and the Cocora Valley, the magical place in Colombia where they live.

The result is Una familia con encanto, an engaging video and several activities to help students talk about their own families.

Miguel and Mirabel introduce the vocabulary

We love Coco and Encanto.
Your students probably love them too.
The warm-up activity, the first reading and the video of this lesson are about Miguel and Mirabel's families.
Since students already know the characters, it'll be much easier for them to acquire the new words and use them to describe relationships.

We also had the chance to travel to the Cocora Valley in the summer of 2022.
What a magical place!
We're not surprised Disney chose it as the setting for Encanto.
It's a very green valley with an iconic kind of palm trees that only grow there. And the villages in the valley are full of colorful houses, just like Casita.
The video will virtually transport your students to the real place that inspired Encanto: the Cocora Valley, in Colombia.

A warm-up activity with Miguel and Mirabel Madrigal. There's a Venn diagram to help students explain the differences between both characters
A video with images from the Cocora Valley (Colombia)

Students engage in a tri-fold project to describe their families

The goal of the lesson is that students can describe a family tree.
The activities and the video will give them the words they need (hermanos, papás, abuelos, etc.) and also how to use "de" to express family relationships.
After practicing with Miguel and the Madrigal family, they'll be ready to talk about their own family tree.

The actividad posterior included in the package will give students a model and a blank template to draw their family tree and describe three members of their families, as well as themselves.
It'll be the perfect ending of a magical lesson.

Students can take their tri-folds home to share them with their loved ones.
Just remind them to do their best because, as Mirabel says, "today’s the day I make my family proud".

A tri-fold about the Madrigal family
A tri-fold describing several members of the Madrigal family
We strongly recommend combining Una familia con encanto with La familia.
In that lesson, students learn the vocabulary about families with a separation or divorced: hermanastro, madrstra, padrastro, etc.
That will allow all your students to build an accurate tri-fold of their family, regardless of their family structure.

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