What is Bablingua21?

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Álvaro Mediavilla presents the news of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries

La información en español está aquí.

Would you like to keep your students informed of what's going on in the 21 Spanish-speaking countries?

Would it be possible to have daily short videos that mix language, culture and current event?

Yes, that's exactly what Bablingua21 is about.

Here's a detailed explanation of the basics of this channel, but please reach out to us if you'd like to know more.

How often do you post new videos?

There's a new short video (about 1 minute) from Monday to Thursday.

And a longer video (up to 5 minutes) on Fridays to review the news of the week, and develop one of them.

That review will help students acquire the new words and expressions of the previous days.

The only exception will be non-working days in our school district in Delaware (U.S.)

We'll keep you posted through the videos about upcoming holidays such as Easter, summer break and Christmas.

What age and level are the videos for?

We will not publish any sensitive material or use any inappropriate words, you can be sure our content will always be safe for all audiences.

There'll be topics less interesting for younger students (such as politics or economics), but they won't definitely be harmful.

The title of each video will give you a clear idea of the content.

Students of all levels will benefit from the videos: the pace and graphic support is ideal for beginners, but the questions and debates that the news will spark are perfect for even the most advanced.

How can I use Bablingua21?

There are many ways you can use Bablingua21 in your classes. Here are some of them:

    • As a warm-up: Set a routine with your students so they know that the expectation is to watch Bablingua21 as they enter the room.

      Each video from Monday to Thursday ends with a question.
      Ask your students to write their answers after watching the video.

      Friday's videos are longer (up to 5 minutes) and there's a self-grading Google form with questions you can assign to your students.

    • At the end of the class: Your students are likely to be tired before the bell rings.
      Use the last minutes of the class to let them work on the short videos of Bablingua21.

    • If you'd like your students to practice their Spanish at home, ask them to watch each program after school.
      They can write their answers for the questions we ask from Monday to Thursday, and fill out the form of Friday's quiz.

  • What do you do with students who finish their tasks in class early?
    Here's a solution: let them watch Bablingua21!
    They could talk about what they've seen and their answers to the questions from the video with other students who are also done.
    And they can explain what they've learnt to the rest of the class as well.

Where should I watch Bablingua21: on Bablingua or Youtube?

Bablingua21 is available on Bablingua for our subscribers.
If you are not subscribed to Bablingua yet, give it a try! And you can also watch the videos on our free Youtube channel.

The videos are exactly the same, but there are no ads on Bablingua, and you also have access to Friday's self-grading Google forms with questions.

If you have any other questions, please contact us or leave a comment below!

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