Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo illustration featuring two dancers
We love Cinco de Mayo as a great opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture. We're sure these resources will help you have a wonderful class!
1 Cocina fácil: el guacamole (Lesson - Spanish 2 and up)

Would you like your students to prepare some authentic Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo? Even if there aren't any cooking facilities you could use, your students can make their own guacamole in the classroom. The lesson Cocina fácil: el guacamole, and some basic ingredientes, is all you need:

  • The activities of the lesson include an audio file about Mexican cuisine that will give your students the right background.
  • Before watching the video, students will practice the cooking vocabulary they need, as well as the formal commands and how to combine them with object pronouns.
  • The 7-minute video will teach your students how to prepare guacamole, and they'll use the last activity of the included PDF document to complete the recipe.

2 Los antojitos mexicanos (Lesson - Spanish 1 and up)

This full lesson for beginner students is also about Mexican food. It includes:

  • A fun warm-up activity with an easy contest for students to choose their favorite food.
  • A short reading about Mexican antojitos and its most famous one: los tacos.
  • A 5-minute video about los antojitos: what they are, the different kinds, when Mexicans eat them...
  • A speaking prompt to practice how to express preference and an audio file to give students a model. They'll use both resources to make their own conversations.

3 Los tacos (Worksheet - Spanish 1 and up)

These short readings and activities can be used to complete the lesson about the antojitos, or just by itself.
Students will learn about the importance tacos have in Mexican culture, and the difference between Mexican and Tex-Mex tacos.

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Short reading about tacos in Mexico
An activity to match numbers and tacos

Alta tensión is a very engaging game to talk about History events, such as Cinco de Mayo. Students will learn where and why it is celebrated, who Ignacio Zaragoza was and what happened in the three battles of Puebla.

You can use the PDF version or make a copy of the editable Google slide.

A table showing different facts (some true/some false) about Cinco de Mayo
5 Turismo sostenible (Lesson - AP Spanish)

Is there a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to travel to Mexico? Probably not, it'd be great to visit Puebla and the Loreto Fort Museum with our students. But let's look at this from the local's perspective: would the arrival of tourists be benefitial for them? That's why we explore in this full lesson for AP students. It includes:

  • A warm-up activity about what students consider more important when choosing a holiday destination.
  • A short reading about how tourism threatens the lifestyle of the local population.
  • An audio activity where several Mexicans give their opinions about the impact tourism have on their communities.
  • A 9-minute video about tourism in Riviera Maya (Mexico).
  • An audio file so students practice their speaking skills taking part in a simulated conversation.

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