El diseño de La Catrina

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A mural from Diego Rivera showing La Catrina and Frida Kahlo

Laura worked with her students on one of our Bablingua projects the other day.

The one about making a photo frame about a Hispanic champion.

The activity went great, but Laura was surprised most of the kids didn’t know any of those champions.

Not even Frida.

Or Picasso.

Do your students know them?

And in any case, how can we help them learn more?

I hope we all agree that students won’t remember anything long-term unless they make meaningful connections.

And that’s exactly what our new lesson, El diseño de La Catrina, does.

Have you seen the movie The Book of Life?

One of our subscribers recommended it to us when we sent the newsletter about La celebración del Día de Muertos, and we watched it with our kids on the Day of the Dead.

As it happened in the movie Coco, in The Book of Life we visit the underworld, the place where we go when we die.

And, as in Coco, it’s full of color.

Even the lady that represents La muerte is colorful and friendly.

In most cultures, Death is dark, serious and super scary.

So why do Mexicans represent death this way?

Your students will find out in our latest lesson, El diseño de La Catrina.

They will make a connection between something they already know (death is colorful in Mexican culture) and someone big in Hispanic culture (Diego Rivera).

Knowledge that sticks.

If you have an advanced class, this full lesson will be perfect to talk about fashion and design.

The lesson includes:

  • A warm-up

  • A reading with multiple choice questions about Frida Kahlo’s influence in the fashion industry.
  • A video about how Diego Rivera changed Mexican traditions with his design of La Catrina.
  • A self-grading quiz about the video.
  • A simulated conversation about fashion.

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