Excursiones en el eje cafetero

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An explorer, a palm tree, a Jeep, a map and a banner that reads "5 excursiones - Eje cafetero - Colombia"

When tourists visit our home country (Spain), they don't need to use big numbers.
Most of the things they buy -train tickets, souvenirs, meals- cost less than €1,000.
Unless they buy several expensive tickets to see Real Madrid or spend many days at a fancy hotel, bills will stay in the dozens or hundreds.

Colombia, and most Spanish-speaking countries, are a different story.
When we visited Colombia, we told our kids we were finally millionaires, after getting a million pesos from the ATM.
At that time, one million pesos were $250.
So we were millionaires, but we weren't rich.
Excursiones en el eje cafetero is a fun lesson to explore the area where Colombian coffee grows, practicing how to use big numbers to talk about prices.

Colombia's Coffee Region

This lesson will take your students to the Colombian coffee axis.
They will learn who Juan Valdez is, and that the Madrigal family (from Disney's movie Encanto) is from this area.
They'll virtually visit the villages of Salento and Filandia, the beautiful Cocora Valley, a coffee plantation and an exciting theme park.
The prices, number of inhabitants and distances of these trips and places will help students practice with big numbers.
The goal is that when they visit most of the Spanish-speaking countries, they don't feel intimidated by numbers that go over a thousand.

Your own trips

The lesson includes a warm-up activity, a reading text, an audio file and a self-grading quiz about the 5-minute video.
But that's not all.
The main goal is that students use the excursions around the coffee axis as a model to make their own trips.
There's a final activity with ideas and a guide to apply what they've learnt, and create their own exciting plans.
Have a wonderful trip!

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