12 horas en Boca Chica

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A ship on the ocean, a clock and the words 12 horas en Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a beautiful area in Panama. There are many things to do there, it’s a wonderful tourist destination! 12 horas en Boca Chica will take your students on a virtual tour to the area. By the end of that tour, your students will know: How to tell time. Some of the most common verbs about daily activities, such … Read More

Excursiones en el eje cafetero

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An explorer, a palm tree, a Jeep, a map and a banner that reads "5 excursiones - Eje cafetero - Colombia"

When tourists visit our home country (Spain), they don’t need to use big numbers. Most of the things they buy -train tickets, souvenirs, meals- cost less than €1,000. Unless they buy several expensive tickets to see Real Madrid or spend many days at a fancy hotel, bills will stay in the dozens or hundreds. Colombia, and most Spanish-speaking countries, are … Read More

Voy a ir a Cartagena

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A Colombian girl with the Colombian flag in the background and a poster of Cartagena

We designed this lesson to fix a problem in our classes. Talking about future plans with our students was a struggle. Plans for spring break, weekend plans, plans for their summer vacation… It didn’t matter. We got a lot of Voy a estar en casa. Voy a dormir. No lo sé. Some students really don’t know, or they don’t have … Read More