¿Para qué edades / niveles es apropiado Bablingua21?

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Estudiantes de diferentes edades caminan por la calle

Bablingua21, al igual que todos los materiales de Bablingua, está hecho por Laura y Álvaro. Laura es profesora de quinto curso (10 y 11 años). Álvaro tiene experiencia en Middle School (de 12 a 14), High School (14 a 18) y estudios superiores (desde 18 al infinito y más allá). Cuando preparamos los contenidos de Bablingua21 tenemos presentes todas esas … Read More

15 sueños – A super engaging reader

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Book cover of 15 sueños, an engaging Spanish reader for novice level readers and above

I’m sure you’re familiar with this situation: We celebrate Hispanic heritage month. We talk about remarkable Latino champions. Students research, and they make posters and presentations. And yet by the end of the school year, names such as Sonia Sotomayor or Diego Rivera don’t ring any bells. Why? And how can we fix that situation? Meaningful learning is all about … Read More

La cruzada de los niños

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A Spanish interactive video showing a question about Black history month

We found a really good picture book in our local library called The youngest protester, by Cynthia Levinson.We read it to our kids, Pol and Nora, and we loved how it highlighted the role young students played to put an end to segregation laws in the U.S.We had recently visited Alabama and filmed at the Kelly Ingram Park, where young … Read More