Voy a ir a Cartagena

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A Colombian girl with the Colombian flag in the background and a poster of Cartagena

We designed this lesson to fix a problem in our classes.
Talking about future plans with our students was a struggle.
Plans for spring break, weekend plans, plans for their summer vacation... It didn't matter.
We got a lot of Voy a estar en casa.
Voy a dormir.
No lo sé.

Some students really don't know, or they don't have any plans.
Others don't want to talk about it.
Whatever the reasons, there's a risk of putting our students in an uncomfortable situation.
And after a few disinterested answers, the energy in the classroom will plummet.

What's the solution then?
In Bablingua we always try to combine language and culture, and that's our approach to talk about plans.

Voy a ir a Cartagena is a fun lesson that will help students plan a trip to a Spanish-speaking city.
They'll research the destination they choose, and they'll use what they've learnt in this lesson to explain what they'd like to do if they traveled there.
Sure, they can still use that one, but they'll have to come up with many more ideas.
And since this is an imaginary trip, nobody will feel uncomfortable if we pressure students to look up more information and offer different activities to do.

1 Let's get ready to watch a fun video

The lesson starts with a warm-up, a short text and a listening comprehension activity to show your students how to talk about our weekend plans or about an upcoming trip.
These activities will give them the background knowledge and the resources they need to get the most from the video of the lesson.

A photo of Cartagena (Colombia) and 8 icons showing different activities tourists can do there
A reading activity showing a text about how to plan a vacation and some traveling icons to find the right words in the text.
A Spanish listening comprehension activity showing some questions about weekend plans
2 A virtual trip to Cartagena

Cartagena is a beautiful Colombian city, and we'd love to virtually take your students there.
They'll see the Castillo de San Felipe, the old wall, the Parque del Centenario with its huge lizards, monkeys and sloths...
The video is presented by a Colombian young girl that is really excited about her upcoming trip to Cartagena.
She will share with your students her plans for the first day in a very engaging 3-minute video.
The pace and the vocabulary are perfect for novice students, who won't have much trouble to answer the questions included in the lesson.

3 Students make their own projects and presentations

After the video, students will be ready to put what they've learnt into practice.
They'll start by choosing one of the 30 Spanish-speaking cities listed in the Actividad posterior.
Then, they'll research what the weather is like in that place, and what they could do when they get there.
Students will choose the clothes they'd like to pack, and four plans to do when they arrive.
They'll present the trip to the rest of the class, combining culture with the words and expressions they've learnt.
That's the best way to talk about plans in the Spanish class!

A list of 30 Spanish-speaking tourist destinations to help students plan a virtual trip
An example of how to fill out a visual organizer to plan a trip to a Spanish-speaking city

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