12 horas en Boca Chica

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A ship on the ocean, a clock and the words 12 horas en Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a beautiful area in Panama.

There are many things to do there, it's a wonderful tourist destination!

12 horas en Boca Chica will take your students on a virtual tour to the area.

By the end of that tour, your students will know:

  • How to tell time.
  • Some of the most common verbs about daily activities, such as caminar, cenar, comer, desayunar, dormir, jugar, ir and ver.
  • How to explain what they do on a regular day.
An interactive video with a question about time in Spanish
Actividad posterior con iconos para explicar qué hacemos durante el día

12 horas en Boca Chica is a very engaging unit for Spanish beginner classes that includes:

  • A warm-up activity to introduce the unit and explain some common verbs.
  • Several activities, including a listening comprehension exercise, with the answer key and a detailed guide.
  • An interactive video, as well as a self-grading quiz you can assign to your students.
  • A wrap-up activity to help students apply what they learn through the lesson.

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