La fiesta de los animales (17 de enero)

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A gray cat wearing a coat is held outside by its owner
Can you think of a more engaging topic than animals for your Spanish class?
17 January is an excellent opportunity to talk about pets, since it's the day of San Antón (Anthony the Great.)
In Spain, and several other Hispanic countries, San Antón is honored as the patron saint of domestic animals.
On that day, pets are blessed on a big and fun celebration you can share in your classes.
Use these resources, and let students virtually take their pets to class!
1 La fiesta de los animales (Lesson - Spanish 2)

A full lesson to transport your students to 63 Hortaleza Street, in Madrid (Spain.)
That's where the Church of San Antón is, and where hundreds of pet owners take their animals every 17 January.
Your classes will get to know this celebration, listen to several owners talking about their pets, and learn words and expressions to describe theirs.
The video includes authentic interviews with people attending the celebration.
The optional Spanish subtitles and the worksheets included in the lesson will help your students understand those real interviews and get ready to talk about their pets.

2 ¿Quieres un perro? (Lesson - Spanish 1)

Another lesson about animals, this time about dogs and for the novice level.
Your students will virtually visit a dog shelter, where they'll learn how important it is to adopt a dog.
They will also meet Tumy, one of the dogs at the shelter.
The vocabulary used to describe Tumy (cariñoso, tranquilo, morder) will allow your students to enrich the descriptions of their own pets.

3 Los toros (Lessons - Spanish 3 and up)

Bullfights are always on the spot in our country (Spain).
There's a constant debate between political parties, different associations, and also friends and families about this topic.
Should we protet them as an essential part of our culture?
Or should they be banned to defend animal rights?
We have 3 lessons about bullfighting that will help you continue that debate in your classes:

    • Los toros: ¿a favor o en contra? is the first of those three lessons.
      A young presenter explains which countries share this tradition, and where it's currently banned.
      Real interviews follow, to let those in favor and against bullfights explain their arguments.

  • If you're going to talk about this tradition in class, it's important that students know what it's really about.
    That's the goal of the following two lessons.
    In Los participantes we explain the different roles of the participants of a bullfight, including of course the matador and the bull.

  • The last part, La muerte del toro, covers the different things that happen during a bullfight, and all the possible outcomes.
    Students will get to understand what a bullfight is really about.
    Then, they'll be fully ready to express their opinions about bullfighting: should it be protected as an important part of the Hispanic traditions, or banned to defend animal rights?
4 Vídeos de ciencias (Lessons - Spanish 3 and up)

Another great way to celebrate San Antón is to learn new things about animals.
With our science videos!

  • Migración animal includes two readings and a video about how animals respond to changes in their environment.
  • Los insectos: students will learn about the amazing superpowers of insects, and how important they are for our planet, and ourselves.

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