Día Internacional del Libro (23 abril)

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Isabel Allende
There are many reasons to celebrate World Book Day in the Spanish class, since there's a strong connection between reading and learning a language. In addition to that, students might want to know that the date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (as well as William Shakespeare). Here are some resources that will help you have a great lesson on 23 April:
1 Cuando abres un libro (Lesson - Spanish 3)

A full lesson about reading and Chilean author Isabel Allende. Students will learn the vocabulary about the different literary genres and important facts about some of the most important Hispanic writers, such as Pablo Neruda, Juan Ramón Jiménez or Gabriel García Márquez.

The goal of the lesson is that students share what happens when they open a book. Encourage them to share their thoughts on social media using the hashtag #cuandoabresunlibro

2 Vida y obra de Federico García Lorca (Lesson - Spanish 3)

A complete lesson that will help students make their own biographies about their favorite writer. It includes:

  • A game about Lorca's friends (Luis Buñuel, Carlos Gardel and Antonio Machado) to review how to use the preterite tense.
  • A short text with questions about one of Lorca's closest friends: Salvador Dalí.
  • A 5-minute video about Federico García Lorca, filmed in Spain (Granada and Madrid), Cuba and New York.
  • A guide to help students make a 1-minute speaking presentation about their favorite writer, using a model about Juan Ramón Jiménez as an example.

3 Gabriela Mistral (Reading - Spanish 2 and up)

Our lesson about astronaut Ellen Ochoa includes a reading activity on Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral that is perfect for World Book Day.

A reading text about Gabriela Mistral
Reading text and questions about Gabriela Mistral
4 La lectura (Lesson - Spanish 1 and up)

A full lesson about reading and books that includes:

  • Examples about how to write a book summary.
  • A 4-minute video about reading that focuses on the popular Captain Alatriste's adventures.
  • A short reading with several examples of literary genres.
  • An audio activity with questions about favorite books, favorite characters, how much people read and more.

5 Tan bueno como el teatro (Lesson - Spanish 2 and up)

A full lesson about theatre that is also perfect for World Book Day since it was filmed during a representation of Federico García Lorca's Bodas de Sangre. The lesson includes:

  • An audio activity about a school theatre club.
  • An explanation of comparisons of equality (igual que, tan, tanto) and an activity to practice them to talk about two Hispanic actors: Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna.
  • A 6-minute video about theatre and one of the most famous Lorca's plays: Bodas de Sangre.

6 Isabel Allende (Interactive video - Spanish 2 and up)

This free interactive video is part of the escape room about Hispanic Women that Made History. It can be used independently to introduce Chilean writer Isabel Allende, or as an addition to the Cuando abres un libro lesson.

If you're looking for more free resources featuring Isabel Allende, take a look at our lesson about Covid-19 ¿Cómo estás?

Interactive video with questions about Isabel Allende

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